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May 28, 3000

I’m a Developer Relations Specialist based in the USA. I am a cryptocurrency advocate and passionate about building communities, open-source, and supporting developers. I’ve been a contributor to cryptocurrency-blockchain projects since 2016 as a miner, developer, content creator, and overall thrive to be a productive citizen of the communities I’ve been blessed to be a part of.

⚠️ Important: Please be aware of scammers, impersonator, and hackers. I will never give you financial advice, recommendation, or give away free money. If you EVER believe you are in communication with me, then please request me to verify my identity by signing a PGP message, then you must verify that PGP message to make sure it’s signed by my valid PGP id or PGP finger-print.

PGP id: 19C11B7CD3CFF406

PGP finger-print: CE06 7498 3253 8BFE 356E 0B2F 19C1 1B7C D3CF F406

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Written by Stevan Lohja , a developer relations specialist, and full-stack technical writer from the USA. You should follow them on Twitter

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